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Energy Medicine
Women's Circles
Occupational Therapy



Kristen DeMont


Kristen DeMont is a dreamer. She dreams of living a life full of authenticity, joy, compassion, and adventure. An avid surfer and mountain biker, she enjoys the outdoors and believes that our body's natural state is balanced, grounded, and whole. 

Personal Energy Healing

Work directly with Kristen to tap into what energy is present, how to shift into clarity, and what next steps are available to sustain you on your path. 

Women's Circles

Drop in and align in monthly women's circles led by Kristen. Together, the group creates sacred space. Enjoy guided meditation, movement, and journaling practices with a loving and safe community as your witness.

occupational therapy

Kristen works with children, their parents, caregivers, teachers, and other members of their care team to support their joy and engagement in life. 

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